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Whether it's building systems, design considerations, acceptable products, or construction practices and techniques, building in cold conditions has its own specific requirements. These products are suited to construction in colder weather.
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This article first appeared in the November/December 2023 issue of Pro Builder.


This online version of an article that appeared in the November/December print issue includes additional products.

On-site home builders building in regions that experience cold winter weather know climate is one of the most important factors affecting not only their work process but alsoPB+ icon how they build their homes to ensure occupant comfort and health and that the home is durable and energy efficient. From using flexible sealants and adhesives that can withstand temperature fluctuations and offer durability in cold environments to installing insulation systems that will keep homeowners warm, even on the most frigid days, the following products are designed with the cold in mind.

Structural Insulated Panel by ThermaFoam

ThermaFoam R-Control SIPs (structural insulated panels) create a high-performance building envelope with a solid core of insulation, eliminating the need for additional insulation layers, traditional batts, or spray insulation. SIPs also reduce energy consumption and are lower maintenance than conventional framing. By minimizing air gaps and thermal bridging, the system delivers a virtually airtight envelope, resulting in improved indoor air quality (with proper ventilation) and consistent room temperatures across multiple floors, the company says.

ThermaFoam R-Control SIPs being installed in cold climate


Weatherproof Sealant From DAP

DAP’s AMP All Weather Window, Siding, and Door Sealant creates a weatherproof, waterproof seal for exterior surfaces such as windows, doors, siding, trim, and more. AMP surpasses silicone in wet-surface application, paintability, and clarity, the company says, and it dries in 30 minutes and resists mold and mildew.

DAP AMP All Weather Window, Siding, and Door Sealant being applied to window-wall junction


CertainTeed Wood-Look Shingles

The Landmark ClimateFlex shingle from CertainTeed merges the aesthetic appeal of wood shake roofing with the durability of polymer-modified asphalt. The shingle has a Class 4 rating for hail resistance and offers exceptional all-weather performance, the company says, plus its ClimateFlex technology enhances cold-weather pliability, making the material easier to handle as it remains flat in cold weather, which simplifies installation in low temperatures. Also, the polymer-blended asphalt allows for deeper embedded granules in the shingles, resulting in less shingle degradation and better function and leak protection over time, according to CertainTeed.

CertainTeed Landmark ClimateFlex shingles installed on brick home


New Condensing Hydro-Furnace From Navien

Navien has released its first HVAC product, the NPF Series Hydro-furnace. An upflow model is available now, and a horizontal configuration will be available in February 2024. Two sizes are offered, a 60,000 Btu/hour and a 100,000 Btu/hour option, both boasting an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 97%. The units use dual stainless steel heat exchangers to heat water in an isolated compartment, reducing noise and improving energy efficiency. The heated water is transferred through a hydronic coil to provide quiet forced-air heating. In addition to its variable capacity for efficient year-round heating, the furnace features a user-friendly interface for setup and diagnostics.

Navien NPF Hydro-furnace

Alabama Metal Industries' Solution for Creating a Weatherproof Seal Around Openings

Speed Bead by Alabama Metal Industries Corp. (AMICO) creates a weatherproof seal for windows, doors, and openings that eliminates the need for caulk in veneer stone and stucco applications, the company says. The product incorporates a Speed Bond adhesive suitable for extreme outdoor temperatures, which the company claims can save contractors up to 40% on labor costs and reduced caulk use. Speed Bead’s patent-pending bulb technology and variable wall thickness design ensure solid adhesion to the bonding surface. Independently lab tested, Speed Bead surpasses industry standards for load resistance, water resistance, and air infiltration.

AMICO Speed Bead weatherproof seal around windows, doors, and openings



Barricade Building Products' Rigid Insulation System

Barricade Building Products recently introduced its ThermoPro Rigid Insulation System, an exterior wall solution that provides exceptional thermal performance without requiring a transition to 2x6 studs, making it compatible with the new 2021 International Energy Conservation Code requirements. There are two variations of the insulation: one with a metallic reflective facer and the other with a poly facer and a clear facer on the back. The metallic reflective facer addresses moisture management and energy efficiency, while the poly facer with a clear back emphasizes durability, structural support, and environmental sustainability.

Barricade Building Products ThermoPro Rigid Insulation System—two options


Closed-Cell Foam Insulation From Firestable Insulation Co.

Firestable Insulation Co.’s Stablebase 2.0 Max R is a two-component hydrofluoroolefins (HFO) blown, closed-cell, polyurethane foam system. The insulation boasts an R-value of 7.5 for high thermal performance and low energy costs, and if you're building in cold climates, the company says the foam can be sprayed at low temperatures down to 20˚ F. The system is designed to work in tandem with Firestable’s FS 2.0 thermal barrier for a hybrid application that delivers a tight insulation.

Firestable Insulation Co.'s Stablebase 2.0 Max R blown-in insulation being installed


Impact Shingles by Atlas Roofing

Atlas Roofing recently expanded its Pinnacle product line with Pinnacle Impact asphalt shingles, which offer wind resistance and incorporate several advanced features, including 3M Scotchgard Protector, to prevent roof algae, and Atlas' HP42 technology, which lets crews cover more roof area using fewer shingles and fewer nails. Pinnacle shingles are manufactured with a proprietary polymer modified asphalt technology that provides a UL 2218 Class 4 impact rating, enhancing their resilience against hail and reducing energy use during production, according to the company. Additionally, the shingles feature 3M smog-reducing granule technology that transforms smog into water-soluble ions to improve air quality. The shingles are available in six neutral colors (Weathered Wood, shown).

Atlas Roofing Pinnacle Impact shingle in Weathered Wood