Coming Events: Come raise the roof

Are you a builder who's never experienced the excitement of cutting and raising timbers? Here's an event for you.

By Susan Bady, Senior Contributing Editor | August 4, 2015

Home builders who have never experienced the excitement of cutting and raising timbers are urged to attend a community event sponsored by the nonprofit Timber Framers Guild from August 1-14, 2015, in Portland, Mich. 

The event will offer something for everyone from families with children to construction professionals. Over the two weeks, the Guild will fabricate and erect a 48-by-85-foot, open-air timber frame pavilion to shelter a weekly farmer’s market and other community events and activities.

Along with the community event, the Guild is offering two workshops:

  • “Square Rule and Compound Layout” will take a hands-on approach, starting on day one with layout and progressing through the fabrication and erection of the frame in a learn-as-you-go mode under the watchful guidance of Guild professionals.
  • “Timber Framing Fundamentals” will cover the basics of such topics as the history of timber framing; layout systems; joinery design; cutting; raising; and rigging. For this intensive workshop, participants will spend the first half of the day learning in a classroom setting and the second half on the construction site, applying the lessons they’ve learned as they fabricate the timber frame.

The workshops will be led by Will Denton of Trillium Dell Timberworks, Knoxville, Ill. They’re free, but advance registration is recommended.

The workshops are directed at people with construction experience, but anyone can attend, says event manager Brenda Baker: “They can participate for a day or two or the full two weeks.”

For more information about the event, click here