Company-Sponsored Rehab Targets Labor Shortage and Opioid Crisis

May 22, 2018
Labor shortage_Opioid crisis_rehab_manufacturing facilities
Unsplash/Chris Liverani

Belden Inc., a manufacturer of computer networking equipment, has instituted a company-sponsored drug rehabilitation program to help users get back to work clean.

John Stroup, CEO of the company, came up with the solution after he saw that roughly one in 10 applicants and a number of current Belden employees had failed drug tests, CNN Money reports. Opioids have heavily affected the company’s hometown in eastern Indiana, keeping many individuals out of the already tight job market.

Stroup’s second chance solution sets up those who fail company drug tests with an evaluation at a local substance abuse treatment center. Those deemed to have a low risk of addiction can spend two months in a non-dangerous job before returning to their previous position, as long as they continue to comply with and pass random drug tests.

For those with a high risk of addiction, the company will sponsor a two month intensive outpatient treatment program. Individuals who make progress in the program will have a job at Belden upon its completion.

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