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Using paid social media posts can help builders beat the competition.
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While some new builders may assume their biggest competition is the other builders in their area, Bokka Group, a customer experience agency for home builders, suggests the resale market is the biggest competitor. To combat this, the company suggests builders should work on their marketing strategies. Specifically, incorporating paid social media posts into a business could enhance a builder’s brand awareness and lead generation. 

One of the primary advantages of paid social posts is the ability to reach a wider audience and better target potential home shoppers. The robust marketing platforms of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer extensive targeting options based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and location. With these targeting options, home builders can be sure their ads reach people looking for a new home - now or in the future. By utilizing these targeting abilities, you're improving the odds of connecting and resonating with the right prospects thus getting the most from your ad spend.


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