Competition Hot for New Amazon Headquarters

October 4, 2017
Photo: Pexels

As cities anxiously await Amazon's 2018 announcement of the location of their second North American headquarters, housing markets are already feeling the effects. evaluates the risk and reward these cities must consider while vying for the opportunity, along with the qualities Amazon is prizing in its selection process.

What's at stake is as many as 50,000 workers—with an average salary topping $100,000—moving in over the next 10 to 15 years. That's larger than the population of many small cities, and it doesn't even include workers' families and the array of support companies that will crop up wherever Amazon goes. It's a big boon to local businesses and the coffers of cities which can collect higher tax revenue from its new residents. Plus, Amazon has pledged to invest about $5 billion in the construction and operation of its new facility. 

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