Construction Company Phone Manners Found to Be Off-Putting

In a study of more than 2,200 people, just 21 percent of respondents indicated they were satisfied with the way construction businesses handle their phone calls

By David Malone, Associate Editor | August 10, 2016
evidence of a bad attitude and lousy phone etiquette

Dealing with an unhelpful or rude customer service representative over the phone can quickly become teeth-grindingly frustrating. When those who answer the phone pass you around like a bad rumor from representative to manager and back again, talking to an automated voice on the other end of the line begins to seem more appealing.

Across all U.S. industries, just 32 percent of Americans said they were satisfied with how their phone calls were handled, according to a recent study of 2,234 people conducted by audio branding specialist PH Media Group. The construction industry, however, ranked even lower: only 21 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with the way construction businesses handle their phone calls.

Digging a little deeper into the demographics, the study—the largest of its kind conducted in the nation—showed that males are more satisfied (25 percent) with the way construction firms answer their calls than are females (18 percent satisfied).

Additionally, the Northeast and the South tied for the regions most satisfied with phone etiquette, at 22 percent each, and were followed by the Midwest at 21 percent, and the West at 20 percent.

Insurance companies had the highest level of satisfaction regarding their phone manner, with 41 percent of respondents saying that they are satisfied. Meanwhile, architecture firms barely edged out construction companies as the industry with which respondents are least content; only 20 percent were happy with architecture firms’ call-handling standards.

Today, with so much emphasis placed on the consumer’s digital experience, companies often focus their attention on visual marketing and internet presence, failing to recognize the continued importance of phone etiquette. But as Mark Williamson, CEO at PH Media Group, says in a press release, “The telephone remains a crucial aspect of branding, marketing, and sales.”

A less-than-stellar telephone experience can permanently put a potential client off a company, while a good experience can attract new business and help spread positive word-of-mouth.


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