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A mailbox might be an after-thought for most people, but AeshDesign takes the category very seriously.

The Nashville, Tenn., and Saint Louis, Mo.-based architecture and design firm produces a line of custom mailboxes that are intended for mid-century modern and contemporary homes.

“Our mailboxes are made to order as each metal shell is laser cut with the custom address numbers and the exterior color and wood species the customer selects,” says Patrick Weber, who co-founded the firm with David Grisham.

Available in three post-mount models and one wall-mount option, the mailboxes can be made from durable wood species suh as mahogany, cypress or teak, and durable metal, including stainless steel, Corten.  “Inside the exterior shell is another metal shell that protects the interior from the weather while providing the shadow line behind the address numbers,” Weber says.

The company sells the mailboxes via its design store.