Could Airbnb Influence Future Home Designs?

April 11, 2016

Airbnb is one of the most successful startups in the world. First launched in 2008, the company’s website and app allows people to list, find, and rent lodging, usually opening up their homes to complete strangers. Many people who supplementtheir income by renting out rooms in their homes or their entire homes have taken steps such as building extra storage, installing electronic locks, or creating other rooms to stay in while someone is renting out their master suite in an effort to adjust to their new sharing lifestyle.

And while these solutions may work for the short term, Airbnb has become so popular and used by so many people it may begin to influence the design of homes in the future. Homes are typically designed for privacy and shutting out the outside world. What they aren’t designed for is separating the actual people residing in and sharing the home. But, as Co. Exist reports, homes are currently being shared at rates that never could have been predicted.

As such, Airbnb was invited to participate in House Vision, an expo that pairs designers, architects, and successful and influential companies to build concept homes and installations that explore future living scenarios. According to Airbnb’s cofounder and chief product officer, Joe Gebbia, Airbnb is the first American company ever invited to participate.

While Airbnb has not yet released any details on what they are planning for their home of the future, it will likely incorporate “flex spaces” that will allow people to section off certain areas of their home or open them up depending on whether or not they have strangers staying with them.  Additionally, separate spaces may be combined with communal spaces such as gardens or dining areas. Gebbia believes the future will see many living spaces and experiences centered on the idea of a shared lifestyle.

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