Countryside Bend

A Texas Hill Country retreat doffs a cap to the area's historic family homes, using modern materials

By Amy Albert, Editor-in-Chief | September 9, 2015

This primary residence was conceived around the area’s original German Sunday Houses, which offered weekend retreats for city-dwelling families and were located on ranch lands or close to main-street shopping areas. 

The home has three bedrooms and 2½ baths. Its main living area has a barn-like form and is framed by a series of attached porches that were designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of a changing, growing family and its generations to come. The design takes its cues from the rural forms of neighboring buildings, with shed additions that encourage outdoor living all year round. Rural vernacular is thoughtfully paired with industrial materials and a modern aesthetic. 

The main building is composed of masonry stucco, while the wings use corrugated metal, exposed Douglas fir timber framing, and steel framing that will rust naturally. Living spaces are open, and interior-exterior connections are reinforced with year-round screened porches. 

The home is oriented to capture the prevailing southeast breezes, while overhangs protect insulated windows and doors. Spray foam insulation, balanced HVAC systems, and operable windows allow for low energy use.

Single-Family Production, between 2,001 SF – 3,100 SF
CountrySide Bend, Fredericksburg, Texas
Entrant: Craig McMahon Architects (architect)
Builder/Developer: Half Inch of Water Studios
Interior Designer: Donna McMahon
Photographer: Mark Menjivar Photography
Size: 2,400 sf
Hard Cost (excluding land): $175/sf
Sales Price: $650,000
Completion: April 2014

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