Creating and Leveraging App-Based Customer Experiences

Tune in and listen to a panel of experts discuss opportunities that exist when home builders place importance on the digital experience. With consumers expecting a high level of info on their digital devices, what worked ten years ago may not be the expectation today. Digital tools are the norm in other industries, yet, some builders have not embraced the digital efficiencies and experience that can be leveraged to sell more homes and satisfy customers. 

By Kody Smith, President of NoviHome | August 18, 2020
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Kody Smith, the president, and founding partner of NoviHome, is joined Greg Bray and Kevin Weitzel from the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast to chat about the changing landscape of customer interaction and how to utilize app-based experiences to their full extent.

Kody also talks about getting his entrepreneurial spirit from his father, and he believes it's being passed down to his four children. Kody's background is in entrepreneurship and technology sales within startups.  His experience has spanned many industries, from cash-pay healthcare to data science and B2B corporate sales.

NoviHome, a suite of app-based technologies, drives to enhance the home buying and building process. NoviHome is a visual education and marketing solution utilizing touchscreen technology to enhance the home buying experience. With a one of a kind sales efficiency platform that tracks and engages buyers from the first point of contact to the close of the contract, the technology delivers info, experience, and satisfaction to customers. 

Builders use NoviHome during walk-throughs and open houses to make capturing contact information simple. The app lets you manage leads and track activity for follow-up. Also, NoviHome allows prospects to view company details, marketing materials, community information, drone footage, floor plans and any other content builders choose to feature.

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If you are interested in more content on the opportunities and utilities that app-based customer experiences can offer, Rich Binsacca moderated a webinar  recently, "The New Buying Experience," that goes more in depth into the subject. He discusses the topic with two builders that have embraced the new technologies and their experiences with them. You can register to watch it on demand at your leisure

Another webinar, “Selling Digitally in Today’s Uncertain Market,” is now open for registration. This discussion will focus more on how to support safety for builders and sales agents. The webinar will premier at 1 pm CST on September 16, 2020.‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌

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