Creating Healthy and Comfortable Homes with AirRenew® and SilentFX® QuickCut

By CertainTeed Gypsum | September 1, 2016

A premiere custom builder and family-owned and operated contractor in Portland, Ore., turned to CertainTeed Gypsum to improve indoor air quality and the acoustic performance of their custom-built homes

For nearly 30 years, Gerald Rowlett, the owner of Westlake Development Group, has taken great pride in providing a rewarding and successful design and build experience for homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest.

For eight months out of the year, the northwest region experiences high levels of precipitation, forcing residents to retreat indoors. Rowlett keeps this in mind when selecting building materials, only recommending top quality products that provide healthy home benefits. The products he suggests to his clients can help eliminate toxic chemicals in the air such as formaldehyde as well as addresses acoustical control.

Breathing Quality Air

Given that residents in the Pacific Northwest are spending a vast amount of time indoors, the quality of their home environment is extremely important. Indoor air is often contaminated by chemicals such as formaldehyde, as it enters a home through a variety of products such as engineered wood furniture, computers, carpeting, treated fabrics, hair sprays and cleaning materials. AirRenew® Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) drywall from CertainTeed Gypsum uses an innovative, patent-pending technology to absorb formaldehyde in a room, converting it into safe, inert compounds that are permanently trapped within the board—reducing any respiratory concerns as well as eye, nose, and throat irritations.

“The benefit of CertainTeed AirRenew is that it’s going to take those formaldehydes out of the air that we have in all the building products that people don't realize are in the construction industry or their inherent. So when they are drawn into the drywall and neutralized, we get better indoor air quality,” explains Rowlett.

Masking the Noise

Most people don’t see sound affecting the health of their home and their lives. However, the acoustics of a home plays a large part to their overall well-being and comfort. With an increased demand for open floor plan concepts, or home features that provide unique challenges in the area of acoustics, Rowlett turns to SilentFX® QuickCut, from CertainTeed Gypsum, a noise-reducing board that helps eliminate up to 90% sound transmission between rooms.

“I love SilentFX drywall. That acoustic opportunity of dampening the home is second to none, says Rowlett. “We’ve tried a lot of products in the past and nothing performs like SilentFX.”

SilentFX QuickCut is specifically designed to easily score and snap, allowing for faster installation and lower labor costs.

Stephen Gonzales from Westside Drywall and Insulation enjoys working with SilentFX given ease of installation: “CertainTeed SilentFX is just like any other board—we cut and install exactly the same. No special learning needed to install.”


The end result for Westlake Development are beautifully constructed, healthy homes. CertainTeed products have been so successful that Rowlett will only turn to their products.

“Our clients expect the best and CertainTeed products bring that,” adds Rowlett. “We have an educated marketplace today and with that, we have a marketing edge. I have used CertainTeed products in all the homes I’ve built. I won’t use anything else.”


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