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National manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems has expanded its trade customer support services with a series of online instructional videos to assist with vinyl and aluminumwindow and door installations. Established on the popular YouTube platform, the Crystal Window & Door Systems NYC Channel offers brief step-by-step video guides to help trade customers with common situations such as installing window hardware, adjusting sliding window rollers and swing-door hinges, and adding
window opening control devices. This supplements existing material on the channel.

“We developed a couple of videos a while ago to serve as in-house training tools for our after-service team,” said Sabrina Leung, R&D/Engineering Manager. “They proved very helpful, so we decided to test them with some of our window installer customers. The feedback encouraged us to make them readily available for all our trade customers.”

Crystal’s New York Sales Showroom team asked their window installation customers for their most common installation challenges, and Crystal’s Field-Service team inventoried the most frequent field adjustment service calls they are asked to make. The teams developed a list of situations they felt could be handled with instructional videos and the engineering staff created additional videos for the Crystal Windows YouTube channel.

“If Crystal trade customers can complete an installation and perfect the window or door operation with minor adjustments to suit the field conditions by following one of our instructional videos, then the job is finished faster, the home or building owner is satisfied, and callbacks are eliminated,” said Leung. “Our videos are allowing us to help our customers in the field without delaying a project by having our service technicians visit a jobsite.”

Crystal is developing new videos for assistance with screens, metal stop installations, locking point adjustments, and custodial locks, as well as highlights for new Crystal products being introduced this year. To see the Crystal installation and adjustment videos online, search YouTube for Crystal Window & Door Systems NYC and click on the company channel link