Custom Builder Develops Modern Wall for Wood Frame Construction

December 10, 2018
exterior wall
Photo: Unsplash/Paweł Czerwiński

Custom builder Bensonwood has developed a new, prefabricated wood wall system for a tighter envelope. 

Treehugger reports that the company uses Zip sheathing for waterproofing and and Steico wood fiber insulation boards. The insulation is made from renewable resources and is vapor permeable. The walls are also built in a way that makes electrical systems easily accessible for updates and repairs. 

So what is so wonderful about this wall? It is almost entirely built of natural and renewable materials. It is sealed tightly, water-resistant materials, but has no impermeable plastics that might trap water inside. The open building design means that it won’t have to be ripped open to modify services or interior and exterior finishes. Tedd Benson says it will last two hundred years, and I believe him.

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