Custom Builder’s Award-Winning Attention to Detail Calls for Distinctive Shutters

July 2, 2018
Barrington Home | Kleer/Boral/Tapco
Photo: Boral/Tapco

Barrington Homes specializes in homes of $550,000 and up, attracting buyers throughout Pittsburgh’s North Hills region. They have crafted a reputation for distinctive, award winning designs, responsive customer service, quality home construction and attention to detail. It’s only fitting that when it comes to shutters, Barrington Homes chooses Mid-America. With Mid-America’s unmatched portfolio of styles and colors, Barrington Homes and its home buyers find important qualities ranging from character and durability to installation ease and freedom from maintenance.



Choosing Mid-America 


These decorative elements impart sophistication, dimension and handsome color to the windows they grace. Louvered shutters offer a timeless elegance, while raised panel shutters add dimension and good looks. Of course, board-n-batten shutters bring richness and ambience to a home’s exterior.

Among the favorites of Barrington Homes’ buyers are MidAmerica’s distinctive Quarter Round Arch Top and six-inch Elliptical Arch Top. Both deliver distinguished, eye-catching enhancement to the exteriors of the company’s homes.

“Barrington Homes exclusively uses Mid-America vinyl shutters for all of our homes, because they look beautiful, and add character and charm to the exteriors of our homes,” says the company’s Brock Heinauer. “They are easy to work with and install, and are very low maintenance for our customers.”



Working with customers 


It’s been said great custom design-builders often need to be a mix of designer, contractor, Realtor and psychologist. Heinauer’s experience in both the real estate and production building worlds helped him combine those talents, and turn customer desires into finished homes.

“Mark’s is amazing with the amount of information he brings to the first meeting. He’s very attentive and responsive to what the customer is saying, regardless of the price point.” says Bill Dietrich, a residential sales manager for Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

From there on, customers are highly involved in every step of the process. After all, building a custom home is like working with a blank slate, and creating a domicile that is exactly what you want in every detail. Through an online portal, customers are able to view features, touch base with vendors, schedule appointments and complete the selection worksheet. They are also put in touch with the company’s own interior design/ selection consultants, who can guide them through every step of the process.



Addressing lifestyle needs 


Barrington Homes’ reputation for long-term customer satisfaction rests on its ability to match its homes to its customers’ particular lifestyle needs.

To achieve that end, it’s necessary to focus not just on key rooms of the home, like the kitchen and bath, but on a long list of details that make homes special. Heinauer believes builders can glean the details most important to buyers if they listen closely enough. And many of these are small but important.

Color-coordinated window shutters, oversized crown moldings, custom paneled openings graced by architectural columns and stone, ornate custom fireplaces with handcrafted woodwork, attractive hardware finishes, open areas filled with abundant natural light, gourmet cook centers and much more are among those nuanced details.

Since its launch in 1991, Barrington Homes has defined quality, durability and customer service in Pittsburgh-area developments. Its homes have distinguished some of the most exclusive communities in the area.