Custom Home Builder Utilizes Fypon in Home Development

By Fypon | November 28, 2017

Homeowners are looking for beauty, unique design and a great home building experience. Quality Crafted Homes offers all of that – with the help of Fypon. Quality Crafted Homes was founded in 1985 by Richard Kees and his wife, Shirley in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Today, the company is still a family affair with Richard and Shirley’s children, Duane Kees, Denny Kees and Pam Munster, as the current co-owners.


Quality Crafted Homes started using Fypon products within the last two years on their custom homes in their Cottage Park development in the Forest at Foxwood in Fort Wayne. These ranch or villa-style homes have a distinct look and feel that creates a cohesive community, but no two homes in the development are the same.




Quality Crafted Homes learned about Fypon through a vendor when they were researching different kinds of corbels and columns for the homes in this development. When they found out more about Fypon’s low maintenance, easy-to-install polyurethane products, they decided it was a fit for their homes.


Tyler mentioned, “One of the things we hear the most from our customers is how they want as little maintenance as possible. With Fypon, we aren’t sacrificing style by not using wood. Instead we are saving time, and putting a product on that is designed for our home. It offers the look our customers come to us for, with the less maintenance concern they so desire.”


Quality Crafted Homes builds an average of 20 custom homes each year, and completes everything from the floor plans, architectural design, interior design and financing. Since they offer so many benefits to their customers they mentioned the importance of receiving product, like Fypon’s millwork, on-site, on-time and ready to go.


Greg Munster is Quality Crafted Homes’ draftsman, chief technology officer, and he also handles quality assurance. An important part of the process of building a custom home is easily working the product into the plans.


Our most commonly used Fypon products are the corbels, brackets, columns and gable vents. We use these on almost every house we build,” Greg Munster said. “Plus, having the product already drawn out is great. Using the CAD system with Fypon’s specs has been awesome. I can pull up the product I am looking for, size it to the home I am working on, plug it in and go.”


Duane, one of the co-owners, spoke about the importance of Fypon products in a home, “We love being able to add in a product that adds the architectural detail we need in an environment that has an increasing demand for ‘less maintenance.’ Ease of life is important for so many of our clients; we live in a time where the home is the getaway from work. So, when we can incorporate products that give us curb appeal, and allows the homeowner free time in the long run to relax, it’s a win-win for everybody.”


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