Deck-Drive DCU Composite Screws | Simpson Strong-Tie

April 8, 2016

Two stainless-steel versions of composite screws are being added to Simpson Strong-Tie’s Deck-Drive DCU Composite screw product line to offer additional corrosion resistance in marine or high-exposure environments. One screw is made from Type 305 stainless steel and is intended for use in wet areas such as freshwater rivers and lakes. The other screw is made from Type 316 stainless steel and is designed to be used in severe exposure conditions such as coastal environments, pools, and hot tubs. Neither screw requires pre-drilling thanks to a double-cut point. Both screws work with all composite and PVC deck boards. Some key features include a tri-lobe thread design to reduce splitting in composite boards, a cap head that provides a clean finish, and a six-lobe recess for tighter engagement with the driver bit.


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