Definition of Million-Dollar Home Changes By City

December 18, 2015

In Dallas, a 5,107-square foot house is on the market. The four-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom two story palace has a grand staircase, French doors, and a backyard with a pool. It is selling for nearly $1.2 million.

In New York City, a four bedroom, two-story house is on the market. The home, located in one of Brooklyn’s poorest neighborhoods, has a drab exterior and only has 2,000 sqaure feet. It sells for… $1.2 million.

MarketWatch examined house listings in 20 metro areas and found that a million dollars can buy a wildly different home depending on the market. In Cleveland, for instance, a 5,471-square foot Tudor-style home is selling for $945,000; in Chicago and Washington, D.C., that price might fetch a nice condo.

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