"Design Green, Build Green, Live Green" with AirRenew® Drywall

June 22, 2016

An Asheville, NC builder applies a business-defining mantra to his family’s new home 

For 20 years, Scott Sullivan and his company Living Stone Construction have worked under the mantra “Design Green, Build Green, Live Green.” For each custom home, the Western North Carolina builder uses a strict nine-category green checklist that includes local sourcing, water conservation, landscape and draining, and energy conservation.

This dedication has not only helped Sullivan establish his business as a premier homebuilder in and around picturesque Asheville, NC, but craft a model of efficiency, green design finishes and air quality when it came time to build his own family a new home.

AirRenew® Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) drywall from CertainTeed Gypsum played an integral role in this project, as the formaldehyde-absorbing drywall helps fulfill one of Sullivan’s top categories – the promise of improved indoor air quality inside the home for decades after construction is complete.


Sullivan leads Living Stone Construction by maximizing energy efficiencies and controlling indoor air quality with a uniquely streamlined, team design and build process. By recommending materials and finishes that provide a more functional and healthy home, every step is taken in the construction and interior design process to thwart the introduction of interior toxins like formaldehyde.

AirRenew features a proprietary technology that captures this formaldehyde from indoor air, converting the unsafe chemicals into inert compounds that remain permanently trapped safely within the board. This helps reduce respiratory problems and reduce eye, nose and throat irritation.

“Last year we were introduced to CertainTeed AirRenew drywall and we have been using it ever since,” said Sullivan.  “As a homeowner, I’m most interested in myself and my family’s health. What few hours we have left at the end of the day we want to enjoy. For us, why we build green is indoor air quality.”


AirRenew products are GREENGUARD® Gold certified and can contribute to indoor environmental quality, recycled materials, and innovation in design credits for green projects. The products contain up to 99 percent total recycled content and may provide regional materials, depending on project location. And, most importantly, they handle the same as regular gypsum boards, leading to seamless integration and little change in installation methods.

“It’s just like any other drywall when it comes to installation. You don’t need any special tools to put it up. Everything is code and fire rated to create a healthy living environment for your family,” said Brett Brazis, a field supervisor for Shiloh Painting who worked on the Sullivan home. “It’s another way to establish that your indoor air quality really matters, and the health of your family is important. The price different is not very significant so it’s an easy sell to those who are building new homes.”

Function meets form in this healthy home.


The end result is a home that is as beautiful to look at, as it is healthy to live in. “CertainTeed has been a wonderful partner,” added Sullivan. “The brand has helped us differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the marketplace in a sense that we are building the highest indoor air quality product possible.”

AirRenew has been so successful for Sullivan and Living Stone Construction that the company has partnered with CertainTeed Gypsum to incorporate the product in every home they build.


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