Designs for Kitchens That Are Small by Choice

December 8, 2015

In the tech hubs of America, where residential zoning is dense and much of the land is allocated to office space, “the aspirational kitchens of young cooks have small footprints and shrunken appliances,” The New York Times reports.

The microkitchen is filled with amenities a grand showy kitchen comes with, sometimes even more. After all, expensive blenders, elaborate coffee makers, and professional-quality knives can fit neatly in a minimalist, salvaged wood cabinet.

“People are willing to shrink the square footage of their kitchen for more versatility and more open space to entertain guests,” Jolee Nebert, a student of industrial design at Western Washington University, told The New York Times. “It’s about packing more into less space.”

Last Year, Nebert designed a fully functional kitchen packed into a six-foot-long unit, which won a design competition held at General Electric’s experimental factory in Louisville, Ky.

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