Discover the forgotten search engine

YouTube holds great potential for any home builder who is looking to differentiate their company from the competition.

June 3, 2012
Discover the forgotten search engine

We all know by now that Google is the undisputed leader of search engine traffic, netting more than a billion unique monthly visitors. But do you know which website holds the number-two spot for search-related traffic?

Here’s a hint: It’s not Bing. It’s not Yahoo either. In fact, most people don’t even consider this site to be a search engine at all. But its integrated search network and highly engaged users make it one of the most powerful marketing tools available — yet to date very few builders have taken advantage of this resource.

If you still don’t have a clue, don’t be ashamed — you’re not alone. At your next companywide meeting, throw out this little piece of trivia and watch the surprised reactions from your employees when you shout out the answer, which is… YouTube!

Yes, that video-sharing site that is famous for clips featuring annoying talking fruit, adorable babies, crazy pet tricks, and Justin Bieber (naturally!) is considered by many to be the second most powerful search engine in the land. As such, YouTube holds great potential for any home builder who is looking to differentiate their company from the competition. Here are a few ways builders are using YouTube to stand out from the crowd and bolster their search engine optimization efforts:

Customer testimonials — Have a happy customer? Ask them to say a few words about their home-buying experience on camera and post it on YouTube.

Home improvement tips — You and your trade partners know more about home construction, design, and maintenance than most home-improvement experts in your market. Share that knowledge by offering tips and advice for homeowners and potential buyers on everything from home-staging techniques to design trends to things to look for when shopping for a home.

Company profile — For example, many home builders I’ve met have a long, rich history that dates back multiple generations. Tell your compelling story through a short video featuring key members of the management team.

Real estate expertise — Any successful builder is just that because he or she has their finger on the pulse of their markets. You can become the real estate expert in your area by producing a video series that talks about, for example, local home prices, mortgage rates, existing home sales, new communities, etc.

These are just a few ideas to mull over. For more, simply go to YouTube and search “homebuilder.” Best of all, YouTube is free, and you don’t have to be a video production specialist to pull off online video.


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