Don't Worry, Be Happy in These 10 Cities

March 13, 2018
Happy woman
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Fremont, California took the top spot in WalletHub's "Happiest Cities in America" report, but two cities in North Dakota, Bismarck and Fargo, were named second- and sixth-happiest in the nation. 

"This indicates that the happiest cities are not always the most obvious choices," real estate agent Cara Ameer tells "Bismarck and Fargo may be hidden gems, which have quietly boomed as a result of the oil and gas industry there. Plus you've got the gorgeous landscapes with big skies and mountains." Bismarck's median listing price is roughly $260,000, and Fargo's is $230,000.

It's time for a little fortune cookie wisdom: Happiness isn't always where you think it will be. Want proof? WalletHub's annual "Happiest Cities in America" survey says the cheeriest place to live is Fremont, CA. Who woulda guessed? To come to these conclusions, WalletHub examined data for more than 180 of the largest U.S. cities, comparing 28 "happiness indicators," including low depression and divorce rates, amount of leisure time, and income growth. 

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