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Wilmington, Del.-based DuPont Protection Solutions has launched a new line of roofing underlayments that can be used as a secondary water barrier on steep-sloped roofs (2:12 or higher) under asphalt shingle, tile, metal, cedar, or slate.

Tyvek Protec is offered in a variety of product grades, with increasing quality, durability, strength, warranty protection, and UV resistance, the company says. For example, Protec 120 has a 30-year warranty and a three-month UV exposure, Protec 160 has a 40-year warranty and a six-month UV exposure, and Protec 200 offers a 50-year warranty with a six-month exposure.

Protec, the company says, offers roofers a wide range of features and benefits. It preserves the roof deck during installation, provides an effective secondary moisture barrier, and holds chalk lines for better visibility. And the unique embossing pattern allows for better traction and grip while walking on the roof, the company adds.

 “The walkability of Tyvek Protec is best-in-class,” says Jim Ash, global roofing market segment leader for DuPont Protection Solutions. “From the grip under foot to the grip to the roof deck, contractors will see, feel, and experience the differences from other roofing underlayments the moment they install the first roll.”

Available in rolls measuring 48 inches by 250 feet, it can be installed in dry, wet, hot, or cold weather conditions.