Durability, Sustainability, And Flexibility Are Key For Multifamily Design

December 21, 2016

Lobbies in multifamily buildings need to serve many functions, so flexible design is important. Communal spaces need to be able to accommodate both large, informal gatherings, and people who want quiet time alone.

Mary Cook, an interior designer and contributor to the Huffington Post, found five trends in multifamily design. Durable and sustainable materials are crucial to multifamily buildings, as are transformative features, such as moveable or retractable walls. People also like to feel connected.

The name of the game in multi-family buildings is connectivity. Opportunities for connectivity can happen in the lobby, at the mailboxes, at the fitness center or even in the laundry room, storage areas or dog run. ... Remember that you’re not just designing interiors; you’re designing a community.

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