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Duravit USA, a leading provider of bathroom solutions, has introduced new iterations of its SensoWash series, featuring refreshed designs for the SensoWash u and SensoWash Classic. These updated offerings combine advanced technology with enhanced functionality to meet the evolving needs of modern bathrooms, focusing on cleanliness, ease of use, and eco-conscious design across various price points.

Bob Downie, president and CEO of Duravit USA, highlighted the strategic expansion of the SensoWash line, emphasizing its role in educating the US market about the benefits of this growing product category. "Shower toilets prioritize hygiene and personalization through smart features," stated Downie. "From premium models to more accessible options, the SensoWash series empowers customers to enhance their daily routines."

SensoWash U – Integrated Shower Toilet

The SensoWash U features a streamlined design with an integrated flushing system, offering a modern wellness experience at an accessible price point. Its updated spray wand design ensures personalized hygienic cleansing with Rearwash, Frontwash, and Comfortwash settings, allowing users to adjust water intensity, temperature, and spray wand positioning. The toilet seat includes various opening and closing features, alongside seat heating for enhanced comfort.

Designed for efficiency and performance, SensoWash U features an intelligent energy-saving mode, activating after 24 hours of non-use. Duravit's Rimless Technology ensures thorough bowl rinsing with minimal water consumption after each use. Furthermore, the updated design relocates select features for easy servicing and maintenance access. Users can create two personalized flushing profiles via the SensoWash remote or app, enabling functionality within a ten-foot range from the fixture.

SensoWash Classic – Shower Toilet Seat

The SensoWash Classic offers enhanced functionality and a refreshed aesthetic at a competitive price point. Users can upgrade from the SensoWash Starck seat with a simple mount replacement. This modern bidet seat features Rearwash, Frontwash, and Comfortwash cleansing options, complemented by a warm air dryer for post-use drying.

The SensoWash Classic includes seat heating with Eco Mode, night lighting, and automatic lid opening and closing based on user proximity. Premium odor extraction is achieved through an optimized filter capable of running 100,000 hours before replacement, along with a special descaling function. All features are concealed beneath a magnetic glass panel, offering a sleek user interface through touch buttons or the SensoWash app and remote. Compatible with various Duravit ceramics, the SensoWash Classic integrates seamlessly into diverse bathroom environments.

Duravit's expansion of the SensoWash series demonstrates its commitment to innovation and customer-centric design, offering a range of shower toilet solutions tailored to modern lifestyles and preferences. As the demand for smart bathroom technologies grows, Duravit continues to lead the way, shaping the future of bathroom experiences with solutions like the SensoWash series.