The Effects Of A Trump Or Clinton Presidency On The Housing Market

July 7, 2016

With so many people on both sides of the political line-in-the-sand talking about how they will leave the country if the opposing candidate gets elected, you’d think however the election plays out, big changes to the housing market are on their way. But, as a Trulia survey on the issue shows, that may not be the case.

When asked about their living situation in the next two years and what would change if either Clinton or Trump were elected, the vast majority of respondents answered nothing about their living situation would change. 79 percent of respondents said nothing would change if Clinton was elected and 78 percent said they wouldn’t change anything if Trump were elected.

If Clinton is elected, 6 percent said they would buy a home, 4 percent said they would go from a renter to an owner, 2 percent said they would sell a home, and another 2 percent said they would start renting. If Trump is elected, 6 percent of respondents said they would buy a home, 3 percent said they would go from a renter to an owner, 4 percent would sell a home, and 2 percent would start renting.

Additionally, when asked what would happen to home prices if each candidate was elected, 38 percent of Republicans, 28 percent of independents, 24 percent of Democrats, and 23 percent other said prices would rise under Clinton. Under Trump, 47 percent of Democrats, 35 percent other, 34 percent of independents, and 33 percent of Republicans said prices would rise.

For all the responses and the full breakdown from the Trulia survey, click the link below.

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