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R-Tech provides a solid, level base for new siding while helping to minimize air leaks.

There are endless products out there today to help increase energy efficiency in residential applications. However, insulation remains one of the most critical components and fastest ways to reach this goal, and save on heating and cooling costs. Not to mention making an impact on how much we use (and waste) valuable energy resources. A home should be properly insulated from the roof all the way to its foundation to reduce the excessive heat gain during the summer and heat loss in the winter. Cooling and heating systems should not be working overtime to make up for inadequate insulation.

Insulfoam’s ENERGY STAR certified R-Tech lightweight rigid insulation panel is a versatile do-it-all insulation for the total building envelope. Gone are the days of fiberglass splinters, heavy insulation products that are hard to cut, and blown in pieces that take a lot of material for adequate coverage. Builders can quickly and economically increase a home’s insulating power with these large lightweight panels that can be cut simply and easily to fit virtually any space, are insect-resistant, and backed by a 20-year thermal warranty.

R-Tech insulation panels come in multiple sizes, has excellent dimensional stability, compressive strength and water resistance properties. R-Tech is an ENERGY STAR qualified insulation and can contribute towards LEED credits.

Top to bottom, side to side, Insulfoam’s R-tech can be used throughout the house. Click to enlarge image.



  • Increase thermal efficiency by installing R-Tech over the roof deck and under the roofing.
  • R-Tech insect-resistant sheathing upgrades the thermal insulation value of exterior walls under many types of exterior finishes.
  • R-Tech provides a solid, level base for new siding while helping to minimize air leaks.
  • Add thermal resistance to interior basement walls by adding R-Tech prior to installing drywall
  • R-Tech compressive strength and moisture resistance allows peak performance in the most demanding of below concrete slab applications
  • R-Tech skinned surfaces provide excellent thermal, mechanical, and moisture resistant properties necessary when used below grade in foundation applications

Available from home improvement stores nation-wide, R-Tech comes in various thicknesses, panel sizes and fanfold options (picture unfolding 100 squares of insulation in under 5 minutes!) without loose insulation all over, or pesky and painful fiberglass slivers to avoid.



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