Energy Star Program Could Fall Victim To Budget Cuts

The White House is proposing cutting the EPA’s budget by 24 percent

By Peter Fabris, Contributing Editor | March 13, 2017

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program is one of 38 programs that could fall victim to proposed budget cuts by the Trump Administration. Energy Star is a widely used energy efficiency standard used to evaluate many products. The White House is proposing cutting the EPA’s budget by 24%.

Energy Star was created in 1992. It sets an international standard for energy-efficient products, including heating and cooling systems, appliances, and electronics. Buildings may also receive Energy Star certification by meeting efficiency standards.

An EPA spokeswoman declined to disclose Energy Star’s current budget to the Washington Post, but in past years it was around $50 million, the Post reported. The Trump Administration may face opposition from manufacturers of Energy Star products, an official with the Alliance to Save Energy told the newspaper.

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