Environmental StoneWorks Adds Horizon Color to Amargosa Panel Series

March 14, 2014

Color complements desert backdrop of the 2014 New American Home

Sky Terrace, the exclusive Henderson, Nev., community where The New American Home 2014 is located, is named for its spectacular view of the city of Las Vegas. Nestled on a terraced mountainside, magnificent rock walls partially surround the 31st edition of the NAHB show home enhancing the natural beauty of the desert.


During the stone veneer selection process, Architect Jeffrey Berkus and Josh Anderson of Element Building Colo., explained how they wanted the exterior and interior to blend, yet complement the organic desert backdrop of the rock walls. Small rocks from the large rock wall boulders were mailed to the manufacturing team in Denver, Colo., and the new Horizon color was added to the existing offering of the contemporary Amargosa Panels.


Named after the Amargosa River that originates in the Nevada mountains and flows through the Amargosa Desert region, the panel's pattern resembles the dry riverbed and the surrounding desert region.


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