Environmental StoneWorks puts the “customer” in customization

November 5, 2013

Manufacturer installs exclusive stone veneer panels on New American Home

Blue Heron, a luxury home developer responsible for the design and construction of the 2013 New American Home in Las Vegas, Nev., was looking to showcase a customized stone veneer panel for both the exterior and interior walls that reflected the sedimentary basin of deposits from the mountains that surround the valley.

Unique in size, color, and pattern, the stone veneer panel that Blue Heron’s founding partner Tyler Jones had envisioned simply did not exist in the market before this project.

The ability to develop new and unique products is just one of the reasons Blue Heron selected Environmental StoneWorks as its partner to create an exclusive panel.

“Collaborating as a team, Blue Heron and Environmental StoneWorks developed a panelized system that replicates a dry riverbed, naturally complementing the water elements throughout the home,” says Eric Aitken, national sales manager for Environmental StoneWorks.

Named after the Amargosa River, which originates in the Nevada mountains and flows through the Amargosa Desert region, the panel's pattern resembles the river bed and the surrounding desert region. Because each panel is 12” x 28” and approximately one inch thick, this stone is heavier than most. To ensure a safe and proper installation, special clips were built in the stone to provide added structural stability.

“Everything we tried to do here is totally unique and novel, and this stone panel fits right in,” says Jones.

A partner for general contractors, builders, and architects, Environmental StoneWorks owns the manufacturing and installation process from beginning to end, delivering value to customers with projects large or small.

“From the manufacturing process to our local installation crew, we worked together as a team to ensure these oversized panels were meticulously manufactured, shipped efficiently, and installed while maintaining a safe working environment,” says Brock Moore, a project/sales leader for Environmental StoneWorks.

From coast to coast, only one partner can deliver a true turnkey solution. Other companies start with manufacturing stone veneer and leave it at that. Environmental StoneWorks manufactures stone and installs it, all with a comprehensive installation and product warranty. It’s just one of the many advantages that set Environmental StoneWorks apart from other companies.

For more information on how you can create a unique stone design on your next project, visit www.estoneworks.com or contact the sales department at 1-800-891-5402.