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Eve, a global leader in smart home innovations, introduces the Eve Energy Outlet, a smart outlet that features cutting-edge Matter technology and utilizes Thread connectivity for seamless integration into home networks.

Positioned as the first in-wall product in Eve's successful energy management lineup, Eve Energy Outlet complements the flexibility of the Eve Energy smart plug. Both options offer app and voice control, remote access, scenes, and automations on major Matter platforms. The Eve app for iPhone and iPad, along with the SmartThings app, allows users to monitor and control energy consumption effortlessly.

The Eve Energy Outlet features dual receptacles, allowing independent switching and automation. The product also features advanced energy monitoring functionality, providing insights into energy consumption over time for users of Apple Home and Samsung SmartThings.

Eve’s smart outlet, available in white, is engineered to replace existing outlets and is adaptable for single- or multi-gang installations. 

Light Switch and Blinds Collection

In addition to Eve Energy Outlet, Eve Systems announced the Matter-enabled Eve Light Switch and the upcoming Eve Blinds Collection. 

The Matter-enabled Eve Light Switch simplifies connected lighting without the need to replace bulbs. Offering convenient control via app or voice, it seamlessly integrates with other Matter devices through scenes. The Eve app facilitates easy on-board scheduling for lights, ensuring they operate independently of a smartphone or internet connection.

Eve Blinds are made to measure. 

The curated Eve Blinds Collection, powered by Eve MotionBlinds motors, introduces Matter and Eve's Adaptive Shading technology. Controlled through the Eve app for iPhone and iPad, these smart blinds automatically adjust based on the sun's position, contributing to an optimal indoor climate. The collection offers high-quality fabrics in semi-transparent and blackout options, with energy-saving insulating properties.

Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems, emphasized the seamless integration of these products into modern interiors, providing homeowners with comprehensive, long-lasting, and energy-efficient smart home solutions. “Thanks to Matter, they are the most future-proof choices to manage energy usage, lighting and shading."

Thread and Matter Technology 

All of the products mentioned above leverage both Thread and Matter technologies. 

Thread technology, specifically developed for smart home applications, enhances device connectivity by creating a mesh network. This network enables devices such as lights, thermostats, outlets, and sensors to communicate directly, eliminating the need for a bridge. Eve Energy, Eve Energy Outlet, and Eve Light Switch, as mains-powered Thread devices, act as router nodes, contributing to a more robust and extended network.

Matter, a collaborative effort by industry leaders including Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, and Eve, aims to eliminate smart home incompatibilities. Matter-enabled devices seamlessly integrate into smart homes, providing universal access and control across major platforms. Integrating Matter-enabled Eve devices requires the appropriate hub, depending on the desired smart home platform.

For an overview of compatible hubs, visit

This article was produced with assistance from OpenAI's GPT-3.5 architecture.