Executive Homes Finds Job-Site Durability, Ease of Installation in LP SmartSide Siding

May 6, 2014

Executive Homes chooses LP SmartSide Siding over fiber cement. 

Executive Homes has been building competitively priced custom homes in the Indianapolis area for more than 15 years. In the past, Executive Homes had used fiber cement siding for its home exteriors, only to be disappointed with the results.


“I wasn’t pleased with the way the product performed, and the installation process could be difficult, especially after normal jobs-site wear and tear," said Pete Gray, president and co-owner of Executive Homes. "So we decided to make a switch."



Executive Homes sought an exterior siding product that would:


• Deliver exceptional performance and job-site durability

• Provide ease of installation

• Offer a quality look with fewer seams


But more than anything, Gray sought a product with proven performance in the field.




“We had been using LP SmartSide trim for years and had a great experience with it," Gray said. "So it made sense to go with LP SmartSide siding."


Gray knew that LP SmartSide would meet all of Executive Homes' objectives.


LP SmartSide siding is engineered to be lightweight and flexible for easy installation with less breakage, and it's available in 16-foot lengths for fewer seams.


Even more importantly, LP SmartSide products are engineered with strength and durability in mind.


The SmartGuard manufacturing process bonds precisely sized wood strands or fibers together using advanced resins. Zinc borate, a recognized wood preservative for engineered wood siding, is also distributed throughout the wood substrate prior to an overlaying process that provides additional protection against the elements and creates an attractive, paint-ready surface.


And with more than a decade of extensive testing in laboratory and real-world environments, LP offers an industry-leading 5/50-Year Limited Warranty on the product.




“My installers love it," Gray said. "It installed easier using common framing tools — we didn’t have to cut it with anything special. And when it was finished, it looked better on the wall and painted up better than other products we had been using. Plus, there were fewer seams."


Gray also noted the product's weight and toughness. “We found that LP SmartSide siding is light, strong and easy to handle on the job site. It doesn’t fall apart like other products we’ve used.


“Executive Homes has now been using LP SmartSide siding for more than four years," Gray continued. "I would absolutely recommend LP SmartSide to other builders. I’ve had great success with it, and the local support has been awesome. From an application and ease of installation standpoint, the product has been great for us.”


Learn more about Executive Homes and LP SmartSide trim and siding at www.executivehomes.bz and www.lpsmartside.com.