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November 30, 2008

Vertical Storm Bar System from Atlantic Premium Shutters
East Coast Style

Hurricanes and storm seasons have been as random as a craps throw. If you want your homes to stand up to the worst and meet Florida building codes and missile impact test requirements at the same time, install the Vertical Storm Bar System from Atlantic Premium Shutters. The system fits most window sizes and both the mounting brackets and bars can be removed after the storm threat. Booth C5213

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Atrium's SafeHarbor impact fabric
Making an Impact

Seek refuge behind Atrium's SafeHarbor impact fabric. The fabric, made from translucent, high-strength polyethylene fabric, provides an unobtrusive hurricane protection system that offers homeowners an economic impact solution. The fabric is light weight for safe and easy pre-storm deployment and rolls up or folds flat to save space. Booth N437

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Perfection Shingle from The Foundry
Perfection Found

It's not often you can strike balance between unique design and great performance, but the Perfection Shingle from The Foundry scores as a premium vinyl siding. It lands between the company's traditional shingle, which is a naturally-textured flat surface featuring random saw marks, and its Split Shake, which offers a more rough-hewn look. Booth C5213

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CedarBoards XL insulated siding from CertainTeed
Serious Cedar

You can't beat real cedar — but you can at least look like it. CertainTeed's CedarBoards XL insulated siding is 16'8” long and is made in a double six-inch clapboard profile with extruded polystyrene insulation. The boards are molded from real cedar planks and have a rough texture. Booth C4847

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TimberTech's DeckLites low-voltage lighting system
Decking Out the Place

Turn your decks into Party Central for your customers with TimberTech's DeckLites low-voltage lighting system. The line has post cap lights, baluster-mounted accent lights, post-mounted accent and stair riser lights — all completely customizable for any situation. The only problem your homeowners will have is getting rid of the neighbors. Booth C4219

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DuPont's FlexWrap RW
Flash of Inspiration

DuPont's FlexWrap RW provides builders with a unique solution for flashing recessed windows in all kinds of wall assemblies, including single- and double-stud as well as open-stud construction. The butyl-based flashing system is AAMA 711-07 and ASTM E-331 compliant and it retails with enough material to flash two recessed windows. Not a bad deal if you ask us. Booth N513

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30-tube solar collector panel from Heat Transfer Products
Stealing Sunlight

Your roofs will never act the same thanks to Heat Transfer Products' recently unveiled 30-tube solar collector panel. The system delivers up to 39,000 BTUs per panel, per day (depending on available sunlight). Because of its construction, the panels are ideal for colder regions or applications demanding higher outlet temperatures. The apparatus ships with a frame for easy rooftop mounting. Booth N2617

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Trex Accents reversible boards with grooved edge
See You on the Flip Side

Trex Accents reversible boards are now available with a grooved edge to use with the company's Hideaway Hidden Fasteners to create an eerily smooth finish. The boards sport a subtle wood grain on one side and a smooth, finished look on the other. Cap it off with the company's latest railings and rail caps. Booth N2801

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The Tempest Gas Torch by Travis Industries
Twist and Shout

The Tempest Gas Torch by Travis Industries lights up any scene you stick it in. The Torch is made for outdoor living spaces, front walkway pillars mounted on deck posts or stone pillars and a variety of other applications. The trick to it is the ceramic glass housing, which directs oxygen in to help create the spiral-like presentation. Very cool (bad pun intended). Booth C7643

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BellaStone Architectural Columns from Exterior Portfolio by Crane
All the Look Minus the Mason

Featuring all the deep detail, shadowing and texture of fine, quarried stone, the BellaStone Architectural Columns from Exterior Portfolio by Crane provide a great accent alternative for fence posts, porch post railings and other landscaping. Builders on a budget won't need a mason to work the installation, either. Booth C4219

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The Distinction Tile by Trimline Building Products
Tile Lite

Lighter tiles means faster cutting time, and it's going to be a heck of a lot easier on your crews' backs. The Distinction Tile by Trimline Building Products offers the look of traditional concrete and clay tiles without their heavy weight and installation challenges. The advanced composite material will give you guaranteed long-term performance. Booth C4889

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Azek's Edge trim profile
It's Got the Edge

Azek pulled all stops out of its trim boards and came back with the Edge trim profile. Edge is made with proprietary technology that creates boards that are uniformly finished. The smooth, sealed edges of each board ensure it will stay cleaner in the dealer yard and on the job site. Booth N2963

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Porch System from Vixen Hill
Pennsylvania's Proud Porches

The latest to come out of Vixen Hill is the new Porch System, which allows you to design a three-season porch online. The company uses cedar and cypress that are milled and handcrafted in the company's Pennsylvania design center. The wood may be painted, stained or left untouched for years of continuous use. Booth S8637

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Universal Forest Products' Latitudes Capricorn
A January Birthday

According to the last horoscope we looked at, Capricorns are stable, dependable and natural leaders. Not a bad name for a new composite deck line. Universal Forest Products' Latitudes Capricorn has a woodgrain pattern on both sides and resembles exotic hardwoods. The co-extruded boards come in adobe (shown) and koa and are available in 12-, 16- and 20-foot lengths in both slotted and standard planks. Booth N1351

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