The Fastest-Growing Jobs In Every State

May 4, 2017

Teaching, medical, and manufacturing jobs are in demand across the nation.

SmartAsset found the fastest-growing job in each state based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Both medical and manufacturing jobs rose the fastest in eight states. Machine operators are highly sought after in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Montana. Teach jobs are growing the fastest in seven states.

The results are divided into very small and very specific categories. For instance, hand sewer job growth has exploded in Minnesota over the last four years, going from 40 jobs in 2012 to 100 jobs in 2016.

The fastest-growing occupation in the country is solar photovoltaic installer. Never heard of it? These are the people who maintain, assemble and install solar panels on roofs. This occupation only requires a high school education, as much of the training occurs on the job. Nationwide solar photovoltaic installers make about $42,500, on average.

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