First-Time Homebuyer? Head To These Cities

July 20, 2016

Being a first-time homebuyer can be a pretty daunting experience, especially in today’s housing markets. Trying to find a home that has most of the things you desire while remaining within budget can seem like an impossible feat to accomplish. However, some cities are better equipped for young, first-time buyers than others.

WalletHub created a list of the best U.S. cities for first-time homebuyers based on the three key dimensions of affordability, the real-estate market, and quality of life. Within these three dimensions, each city’s score was based on 19 relevant metrics such as housing affordability, cost of living, foreclosure rate, recreation, weather, and crime rate, Business Insider reports.

Overland Park, Kan., took the number one spot as the best city for first-time homebuyers with a total score of 68.49. Of the 300 cities looked at, Overland Park ranked 58th in affordability, 29th in real estate market, and 11th in quality of life.

Cities in Colorado took the second and third spots as Greeley had a total score of 65.46 and Thornton was not far behind with a score of 65.42. Each city’s highest rank came in the quality of life category as Greeley ranked fifth and Thornton ranked third. Overall, Colorado had five cities on the list.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa was fourth with a total score of 64.66 and Westminster, Colo., was fifth with a total score of 64.31.

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