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COSTA MESA, Calif — Fisher & Paykel is pleased to announce the debut of its revolutionary new cooling product, the Series 9 74” Integrated Triple Zone Refrigerator. This innovative system expands on Fisher & Paykel’s existing refrigeration technology by introducing three independent cooling zones for optimal temperature control and flexibility. Offered in both refrigerator and freezer models as well as stainless steel and integrated panel configurations, the brand’s Integrated Triple Zone Refrigerator showcases new levels of innovation and performance for the market.

"At Fisher & Paykel, we've been mastering the art of temperature for decades," says Jennifer Bradley, Vice President of Product Management, Fisher & Paykel USA "With the launch of our Triple Zone cooling technology, the brand continues to set industry standards across innovative food care and preservation to reduce waste, save resources and ensure perfect results. This exciting introduction is poised to have a significant impact on how people care for a variety of foods, tailoring cooling solutions to their precise needs and preferences.”

Engineered to provide exceptional temperature control, the Integrated Triple Zone Refrigerator expands standard market cooling capabilities by applying three evaporators to independently control three different areas of cool storage. Each zone can be configured to best match the ingredients on hand, offering the perfect storage environment with optimal temperature and humidity settings. Users can choose from the three refrigeration modes including Chill (from 29 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit), Fridge (from 34 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit) and Pantry (from 52 to 56 degrees Fahrenheit). For extra flexibility and storage, the Triple Zone Freezer modes include Freezer (from -6 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit), Soft Freeze (from 14 to 18 degrees Fahrenheit) and Chill (from 29 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit). This new solution also complements the brand’s ActiveSmart technology which adapts to users’ daily habits by automatically adjusting temperatures within 2 degrees Fahrenheit to further optimize cooling and preserve energy.

Fisher & Paykel strives to create products that have a minimal impact on the environment. Based on extensive market research, precise temperature control has a significant impact on the food care cycle as well as overall energy consumption. The Integrated Triple Zone Refrigerator’s variable temperature zones help reduce food waste by extending the overall shelf life. For example, Chill mode can extend the shelf life of red meat nearly three times longer than regular refrigerator settings while Pantry mode provides a cool, dark place for foods that perish quickly at room temperature but are too sensitive for standard refrigeration temperatures such as nuts and avocados. Users can easily control preset temperature modes with the brand’s intuitive high-resolution LCD touchscreen or through the SmartHQ Application which will recommend ideal temperature settings. With up to 9 different configurations, the flexibility of triple zone cooling technology helps reduce energy consumption by creating the optimal environments for the food care system, rather than keeping all food types at the coolest setting.

Measuring at 74 inches in height, this cooling series is ideal for kitchens with smaller footprints or secondary refrigeration areas, affording flexibility in placement. Made from durable materials, the refrigerator and freezer are offered in premium stainless steel or outfitted to match existing cabinetry. In addition to its exterior aesthetics, the Triple Zone Refrigerator offers cantilevered shelves for highly adaptive storage capabilities, beautiful LED lighting strips on the top and side of the appliance, full extension slide bins with humidity control, glass bottomed shelves for visibility, Wi-Fi compatible, soft-close hinges as well as optional water and ice dispensers.