Forget The Golf Course, Farmland Is Becoming The New Hot Neighborhood Amenity

Agrihoods are trying to bring the distance food travels to a dinner plate down from a few thousand miles to just a few blocks

July 11, 2016

Golf courses have always been popular features in high-end communities. While some people take advantage of the course itself, squeezing in 18 holes whenever they get a chance, the majority of people typically don’t use the course for its primary function. Instead, they enjoy the wide open, green views associated with living in a house that backs up onto a fairway. A new option, however, offers the same wide open views as a golf course, but has a practical side that more people can enjoy: farms.

As MarketWatch reports, organic farms are becoming the new must have feature of a luxury community. Agrihoods, as they are called, like Serosun Farms located about 50 miles from Chicago, are beginning to pop up all around the country with an eye toward preservation of the surrounding ecosystem, farm to table living, and luxury homes. At one such community, Serosun Farms, 75 percent of the land is being reserved for farms and open space.

As recently as 20 years ago, there were only around five or 10 agrihoods (then typically referred to as “conservation communities”) throughout the country, now, there are around 200. A huge factor driving this increase is the exploding interest people have in farm to table dining and eating only locally grown food.

Another aspect of agrihoods people like is the sense of community that develops among residents. Many agrihoods offer activities based around the farm that cultivates a stronger sense of community, which many new developments lack.

Serosun Farms, like many new agrihood developments, is still in a fledgling state, but if the early response has been anything to go on, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see these communities flourish with more popping up around the country.

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