Four MPCs Getting it Right With Millennials

May 2, 2018
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Photo: Unsplash/Michael Slebodnik

Not all master plan developers may have cracked the code for luring Millennial homebuyers to their communities. Four MPCs offer the flexible, authentic, and experience-based lifestyle amenities Millennials are looking for.

Two out of the four master-planned communities (MPCs) highlighted by John Burns Real Estate Consulting's (JBREC) Kate Seabaugh were also on JBREC's list of top-selling master-planned communities of 2017. Daybreak, an MPC near Salt Lake City, ranked 20th, and offers village center green space with a popular concert series. The organic experiences and events have become a cornerstone of living in the community. Lakewood Ranch in Sarasota, Fla. was named third best MPC in 2017 by JBREC, and has included sand volleyball courts, a beer garden, and is home to the largest cornhole club in the state. 

Boomer masterplan developers still don’t understand us Millennials. Their marketing tries to entice us with their version of cool: the flashiest new gadget, the most up to date home technology, or a community social connection. Our research (and my own personal experience) shows that we value organic, unplanned, authentic, and experience-based housing amenities the most. What should also interest the boomers is that these amenities are generally not expensive.

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