Gable Art 101: Types, Tips, and What Not To Do

September 11, 2020
Closeup of a home's gable
By Mark Herreid

Gable art comes in many forms and with many questions. Housing Design Matters gives the low-down on the most popular pieces of gable art including where to put them and what not to do with them. Knee braces are most commonly used under the shed roof above garage doors. And the bigger the overhang, the bigger the knee brace should be. At the top of the gable comes the bracket, which follows the same guidelines as knee braces. They should be large and in charge, or else why bother? Read more to see what Housing Design Matters says about gable vents and pediments.

There are many different styles of vent from which to choose, triangular vents, rectangular vents, round vents, and half round vents. The shape of the vent should complement the style of the home.

Years ago, vents seen in gables were functional. As a result, we often saw them at the top of a gable. I love the triangle vent above a window in a gable. Just a nice cherry on top of the gable.

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