Garage Doors Aren’t Just For Cars Anymore

March 30, 2016

Forget sliding glass doors or large walls of stationary windows. The newest way to bring the outdoors in is to use something that has been a part of homes for ages: the humble garage door.

Sure, garage doors don’t seem like the trendiest or most aesthetically pleasing aspect of a home to give a bigger role in the design scheme, but like with the glasses wearing, ponytail-sporting nerdy girl in teenage romantic comedies, all they need is a little makeover.

No longer are they just sturdy, plain doors meant for protecting vehicles and lawn care equipment, as The Wall Street Journal reports, designers and architects are now using them as retractable room dividers and exterior glass walls that can open an entire room up to the outdoors with the touch of a button. Made of insulated and low-e glass, these glass doors manage to provide ample insulation without the need for daylight-blocking walls.

In homes, garage doors are typically found separating kitchens and patios or pools from gardens, but can also be used as any exterior wall to provide a strong connection to the outdoors and make a room seem a lot bigger.

Some garage door makers, such as Entrematic, have seen the demand for glass garage doors surge by as much as 75 percent in the past three years. Door size, frame color, and glass type can all be customized in an effort to fit the existing cosmetics of the home and provide a seamless look.

The use of these garage doors in places other than on a garage is often described as an industrial modern look that is not only decorative, but very functional, as well. Plus, as a side note, if you ever find yourself needing to move a large couch or television, a garage door into your home can save plenty of pinched fingers.

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