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GE Appliances, a Haier company, and Tantalus Systems have announced a partnership aimed at transforming energy management (ie, delivery and consumption) in households. The collaboration introduces the GE Appliances EcoBalance System in conjunction with Savant, integrating with Tantalus’ TRUSense Gateway to reduce peak energy usage of home appliances, HVAC systems, and water heaters.

The GE Appliances EcoBalance System, in partnership with Savant, offers capabilities allowing consumers to control the energy usage of their home appliances. Tantalus’ TRUSense Gateway facilitates this integration without the need for meter replacements, streamlining the process of leveraging real-time data for energy management.

Kevin Nolan, President and CEO of GE Appliances, expressed optimism about the partnership's potential impact: "GE Appliances is committed to leveraging our innovative smart products alongside Tantalus' technology to deliver significant savings to consumers and contribute to the resilience of the country's electrical grid."

GE Appliances, recognized as one of America’s top appliance company, has a history of pioneering connected appliances.

"GE Appliances products are currently in half of all U.S. homes, and we have an install base of 26 million connectable appliances," Nolan says, adding, "so we have the capacity to work with demand management systems to make a significant impact on saving electricity.”

Tantalus Systems, for its part, empowers utilities and energy providers by harnessing data for grid modernization.

The combined capabilities of the GE Appliances EcoBalance System and Tantalus’ TRUSense Gateway offer benefits such as optimized energy usage, enhanced grid reliability during natural disasters, and reduced carbon footprint for utilities. Peter Londa, President & CEO of Tantalus Systems, highlighted the significance of the partnership: "By leveraging data from devices behind the meter, we can accelerate grid modernization efforts, enhance grid resiliency, reliability, and sustainability."

The collaborative efforts of GE Appliances and Tantalus Systems will be showcased at industry events such as the 2024 International Builders Show, DISTRIBUTECH International, and TechAdvantage. Furthermore, upcoming field trials with utilities will incorporate the combined capabilities of the EcoBalance System and TRUSense Gateway, demonstrating real-world applications and benefits.

By forging this partnership, GE Appliances and Tantalus Systems are poised to help transform energy management, ushering in a new era of efficiency, sustainability, and consumer empowerment in the realm of home appliances and beyond.