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Gear Hugger, a brand dedicated to preserving gear and championing environmental sustainability, has introduced its latest innovation: Rust Protection. This eco-friendly solution, based on a non-toxic vegetable oil formula, offers a sustainable approach to anti-corrosion, extending the life of metal surfaces and equipment parts.

Unlike traditional rust protectors that rely on petroleum, Gear Hugger's Rust Protection stands out for its promise of a clean formula. Crafted with, as the company puts it, "environmentally friendly additives," the product forms a protective layer that shields against moisture and prevents oxidation adhesions to metal. 

Gear Hugger's Rust Protection is a 100% USDA Certified Bio-Based Product that is non-flammable and free of petroleum, fossil fuels, and VOCs. Its safety extends to use around children and pets, and it is currently under consideration for EPA Safer Choice Certification.

Checo Diaz, founder of Gear Hugger, expressed excitement about the new product, stating, "The Rust Protection furthers our mission to introduce clean innovations that span the home, garage, outdoors, and beyond. This is the perfect addition to Gear Hugger's existing product line, forming a sustainable 'trifecta' to clean, lubricate, and protect your gear."

The brand's retail expansion in 2023 saw its debut in prominent hardware stores like Lowe's and True Value, as well as O'Reilly Auto Parts, REI, and natural markets like Clark Nutrition, Jimbo's, and Jensen's. Gear Hugger aims to build on this success in 2024.

Distribution through UNFI and KeHE ensures wide availability of Gear Hugger products. The Rust Protection will be available at major retailers in 2024, including Amazon and, priced at $12.89 for an 11 oz. can.

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