Go West To Find America’s Healthiest Cities

August 1, 2016

California has always been characterized as a bastion of health. New data supports that notion.

According to Business Insider, Niche, a company that researches city data, released a report on the 25 healthiest cities in the U.S. Fifteen of the cities are located in California, with San Francisco (No. 2), Berkeley (No. 6), Irvine (No. 7), and Pasadena (No. 9) in the top 10.

Colorado also fared well, with four cities on the list, including Boulder in the No. 1 spot. Outside of two entries in Virginia, no cities from the East Coast, Midwest, South, or Southwest made the cut.

The study’s criteria was based on factors like obesity and smoking rates; availability and proximity to doctors and gyms; rates of excessive alcohol consumption; and access to mental health providers.

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