Google Expands Project Sunroof to Nine Regions

December 14, 2015

Google’s Project Sunroof is a website that gives homeowners the costs and benefits of solar energy for their home.

Tree Hugger reports that the project is now expanding. Previously, the project was only accessible in three limited areas, but now the service is available in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, California, and Nevada.

The algorithm is based on this methodology: “To provide accurate estimates, Project Sunroof uses a unique set of data that assesses how much sunlight your roof gets, the orientation, shade from trees and nearby buildings, and local weather patterns—essentially creating a solar score for every rooftop that it maps. You can then provide your current average electricity costs and compare them to what you'd pay with solar. 

“So not only can you learn whether your house is a good fit for solar panels, but you can also determine whether paying for installation will pay off in the long run — in short, see the effect sunlight can have on your wallet.”

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