Grays For Days: Gray Has Become One Of The Hottest Colors For Your Home

March 1, 2016

Gray gets a bad wrap. As soon as many people see a touch of it in their hair, out comes the hair dye, when there is something confusing or ill-defined it is described as being a “gray area,” and, thanks to E.L. James, the phrase ‘Shades of Grey’ carries a whole new, unpleasant meaning now.

But, according to The Washington Post, gray is making a comeback, as it has quickly become one of, if not, thehottest color scheme for the home. From throw pillows, blankets, and furnishings all the way up to more permanent features like cabinets and bathroom fixtures, gray is making its presence felt and is breathing down white’s neck as the best selling color for most categories of home furnishings.

Part of the appeal of grays is its broad range. It has a chameleon like quality due to the fact it can incorporate not just black and white, but a wide variety of other colors, too. A gray wall might appear to be slightly green if green upholstered furniture is in front of it, but if that furniture changes to blue, the wall color will take on a slightly bluish tinge. This means a homeowner won’t have to worry about redecorating every time the furniture is changed or reupholstered.

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