As Green Design Becomes More Common, Wellness Design Is Set To Become The Next Big Thing

February 22, 2016

Building something in such a way that it can be considered ‘green’ or sustainable is becoming more and more prevalent. So much so that, fairly soon, ‘green’ design will just simply be described as ‘design’ as it becomes the normal way of constructing anything from a single-family home to a massive commercial tower. But what comes next, what’s the next big thing?

If Benjamin Kasdan, a senior designer at KTGY Architecture + Planning, is to be believed, ‘Wellness’ design is the next logical step. Wellness design is focused on improving quality of life in buildings and public spaces to help promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle for those using a particular space.

The two major aspects of wellness design are air quality and light quality. For better air quality of indoor spaces, formaldehyde, toxins, and VOC’s must be removed from paints, sealants, and other common materials. Circadian lighting, lighting that mimics the natural lighting cycle throughout the day, can help to minimize the negative effects caused by artificial lighting.

Wellness design goes beyond sustainability and looks to use design and function to promote and enhance human health.

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