Green Mountain State Best in the Nation

July 10, 2018
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Photo: Unsplash/Sydney Rae

In a new ranking of the best states to live in the United States, Vermont took the top spot. The remaining states in the top 10 were spread out across the country, including Hawaii. 

When it comes to quality of life, Vermont is A+. At least, that's what CNBC found in its latest study. The state has a healthy population, strong antidiscrimination laws, the second-lowest violent-crime rate measured, and an immaculate natural environment. A Gallup survey finds that 77 percent of Vermonters feel "active and productive," at home, the highest in the nation. The only drawback noted was that the state doesn't have as many things to do as other states. 

Everyone dreams of living and planting roots in a place that has it all: affordable housing, great schools, a low cost of living, quality health care, job opportunities and a clean environment. All these factors add up to ensure a top-rated quality of life. Companies seeking to attract the best possible workforce are increasingly realizing how key this is for their future growth plans. It is also why our Quality of Life category plays an important role in our exclusive America's Top States for Business study, worth 300 out of 2,500 possible points.

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