Green Projects

September 01, 2006

NAHB survey indicates total green housing market share will rise to as much as 10 percent by 2010

August 01, 2006

Builders of moderately priced homes can give buyers environmentally sound features for about the same price.

July 01, 2006

How a North Carolina modular builder found his niche.

June 01, 2006

Many builders assume they need a hot, sunny state to even consider installing a photovoltaic (PV) system. While there is a benefit to being in these areas, homes in colder climates may be equally good — or even better — candidates.

September 01, 2005

Building environmentally sound, sustainable homes was once perceived as a quaint but impractical idea for builders in terms of time and money needed to implement on a large scale. Besides, most homebuyers weren't expressing interest in the concept, so what would be the point? Today, more builders seem to be getting the point.


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