GRK Fasteners Kameleon Composite Deck Screws

July 24, 2015

Kameleon Composite Deck Screws from GRK Fasteners are building-code approved and can be used with treated lumber, as well as with the most popular colors of Trex Select decking—Woodland Brown, Saddle, Pebble Grey, and Madeira. The screws have fiber-trapping rings that keep material from splintering and will eliminate any mushrooming effect, the manufacturer says. Other features include: CEE Thread to enlarge the screw hole and prevent cracking; recessed star drive with six points of contact for zero stripping; W-Cut to reduce friction on the screw shank; Zip-Tip to eliminate the need for pre-drilling; saw-blade-like cutting teeth under the screw head to cut a clean hole into the decking; and high-quality case-hardened steel. Available in #9 gauge diameters in lengths of 2 ½ inches and 3 inches. Other colors include Redwood, Brown, Grey, Sand, and Tan.

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