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Home prices are projected to increase in 2025.
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We're just halfway through 2024 and experts are already developing opinions about the 2025 housing market. According to Fast Company, which cites data from the ResiClub blog, most experts predict an average 2.5% rise in home prices during 2025. Goldman Sachs predicts the highest increase at 4.4%, while Moody's is the most conservative, expecting only a 0.3% rise. Beyond 2025, Goldman Sachs anticipates that home price growth will align with the historical average of 4.5% per year, while Moody's expects prices to remain relatively flat.

Even if the average national home price forecast for 2025 is correct, it’s possible that some regional housing markets could see mild home price declines, while some markets could still see elevated appreciation. That has been, after all, the case this year.

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