Hilary Clinton Offers Economic Plan That Includes $25 Billion Housing Investment Program

February 17, 2016

It has taken awhile, but the 2016 presidential candidates may finally be ready to talk about the housing market. Hilary Clinton has recently announced her economic agenda, which includes major housing reforms, housingwire.comreports.

Clinton’s overall plan is a $125 billion initiative, and $25 billion is to be set aside for a housing investment program that looks to solve the issue of exorbitantly high rents that are hurting many working families and proving to be barriers preventing them from becoming homeowners.

There are four “critical” steps that are part of Clinton’s plan to help improve the U.S. housing system. Helping people save for a down payment, supporting counseling programs to help with the financial commitment of homeownership, updating underwriting tools to better reflect today’s job market, and clarifying mortgage lending requirements are the major pillars of the plan.

Follow the link below to see a full outline of Clinton’s proposed housing reforms.

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